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Hunterhorn Centre of Therapeutic Massage & Acupuncture

Hot Stone Massage

Increased Relaxation!

The use of stone goes back thousands of years. From the Pyramids in Egypt to the Temple of Machu Picchu, many ancient monuments stand today, bearing witness to the powerful energies which stones possess. Stones have been used for healing, tools, heat, cooking, building and currency.

The Mayans used stones for divination, to tell them what illness a patient had and which course of treatment should be followed to aid the patient's healing. Native North Americans have used heated stones in their sweat lodges for purification. In Hawaii, the Kahuna Lapa'au (or healer) use lava stones as aids in healing with their culture.

Even today we carry stones for health and protection.
How is Hot Stone Massage Therapy performed?

There are many different avenues that are used to apply hot and cold stones to the body. The temperature of the Hot Stone Massage is normally at 137 degrees celsius. These temperatures can be altered depending on your state of health and the reasons for the treatment. The stones are placed under your back while you are lying in a face up position. There are Chakra stones placed at key positions that relate to your energy fields. A large amount of oil is applied to area that are being treated. Hot Stones do not mix with water so once the oil is applied the stones are removed from a heated unit, dried and applied on the body in a similar fashion as the hand would be used during a massage. There are a number of different techniques that can be used.

It is important to understand that Hot Stone Massage does have risks involved. Make sure that your Massage Therapist can provide you the list of risks you many encounter from receiving this type of massage.

Please ensure that your Hot Stone Therapist is a Registered Massage Therapist. Receiving this type of treatment from those that are not a Registered Massage Therapist can greatly increase your risks.


Benefits of Hot Stone Massage                        Risks of Hot Stone Massage
  • Increased Body Awareness
  • Skin Burns
  • Increased Relaxation
  • Dizziness
  • Increased Emotional Well-Being
  • Headaches


  • Too Much Pressure Applied = Muscle Soreness