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Trigger Point

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Trigger points are hyper-irritable taut bands located in connective tissue. They will often feel like nodules. Trigger points form in muscles which have been overused or injured due to poor posture, over exertion, trauma or surgery, creating muscle tension and muscle shortening.

Trigger points will usually have an autonomic phenomena that will present itself in many different ways, but the most common being a predictable pain pattern when the trigger point is compressed or pressure is applied to the area containing the trigger point.

Trigger Point Therapy will often be used in combination with other Massage Therapy techniques in the same treatment or they may be used independently.

Trigger Point therapy involves ischemic compressions (pressure), either for a period of time or intermittent, on the hyper-irritable taut band to relieve the pain and discomfort and restore the area to its normal state. Releasing the trigger point restores the normal oxygen supply, to the area thus eliminating the ability of the fibers it is located in to create pain.