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Hunterhorn Centre of Therapeutic Massage & Acupuncture

Thai Table Massage

Massage Combined with Acupressure and Assisted Yoga Postures

 What you can expect from a Thai table massage:

Thai Yoga massage is a traditional form of body treatment practiced around the world. It's renowned for effectively releasing tension in muscles and joints, improving flexibility, and addressing postural & repetitive strain.
Many receivers describe this style of massage as energizing and invigorating, creating a mental alertness rather than sleepiness.
With a focus on dynamic movement & stretching, it's also great for muscle recovery after a hard workout.

There are a few important differences between Thai style and clinical massage you should be aware of:

1. In Thai massage, you remain clothed and relaxed as the therapist applies yoga-like stretches and acupressure with the palms, thumbs, forearms, knees and feet. (Foot techniques can be skipped if you prefer.) Please wear or bring comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.
2. In a typical clinic, the therapist stands beside the table while massaging you. With Thai Table massage, your therapist will work closely with your body, often kneeling, sitting or standing on the table, using their body as a tool to anchor and support you through different stretches.
3. You will be guided through different body positions, from lying on your back, on your side, on your stomach, and seated on the table. This allows your therapist to fully access and effectively treat all muscle groups.

As always, please let your therapist know if you have questions before, during or after your treatment.

Janelle Harms, RMT

**When booking:
-Book with Janelle Harms, RMT
-Book a 90 Min appointment
-Specify that you are requesting a Thai Table Massage