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Hunterhorn Centre of Therapeutic Massage & Acupuncture

Chinese Medicine Cupping

Cupping Therapy

Chinese Medicine Cupping 

With Wanda Duong, DTCM, R.Ac., BSc.


I am pleased to be offering 30 min cupping therapy sessions. These sessions are ideal for individuals with acute muscle pain due to injury or who are experiencing muscle spasms due to repetitive strain in which there is no underlying condition producing the muscle pain (a full acupuncture and cupping session may be more appropriate for underlying conditions resulting in muscle pain).


Likened to a deep tissue massage, cupping therapy is a method of dispersing and breaking up congestion within the muscles and therefore is great for muscle related pain. The vacuum created by the cups not only promotes blood flow into muscles, but it draws out stagnant blood, static lymph, and dead cellular debris to the surface to promote the flow of healthy blood, nutrients, and oxygen into the affected areas. Cupping therapy has the ability to draw up toxins present in the body and assists with clearing congestion from the lungs which makes cupping a great supplementary treatment to addressing the common cold, asthma, skin issues, and detoxification. 

Appointments Offered:

AC/Cupping NC = New patient assessment and cupping 45 min (pending assessment = $63.00)
AC/Cupping = Regular cupping session 30 min = $63.00