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Hunterhorn Centre of Therapeutic Massage & Acupuncture

About Us

Feel the relief.

Enjoy life’s moments again.


At Hunterhorn Centre for Therapeutic Massage and Acupuncture, we know how much you want to be able to enjoy life’s moments -- big and small.  Our goal is to help you relieve pain and tension caused by sitting, repetitive motion, stress or injury and get you back to doing what you love.

For some people, that’s being able to sit at their desk job or travel on a plane. For others, it’s about returning to their favourite sport or playing with their kids in the park.

Whatever activities you value, we can absolutely help you enjoy them even more. Our experienced and knowledgeable practitioners listen to your needs, help you relieve that pain or tension and educate you on simple steps you can take in your daily life to extend the benefits of your treatment.

We are conveniently located 6638 4th Street N.E. in Calgary.  This location is easily accessible from many parts of the city due to its close proximity to Deerfoot trail.

Come experience our safe and welcoming environment and feel the relief from a customized massage therapy or acupuncture treatment. Your body will thank you!